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The Florida MiniSprint Action Racing Series was formed to promote fun, exciting, and fair organized dirt track racing, while holding members and officials to the highest standards.


We believe that our members are the foundation of the Florida MiniSprint Action Racing Series and are the most important part of our league.


Community concept, where each member is a valuable member of the group and has varying experience and expertise. As well as provide the finest dirt track racing available at an affordable price.


FMSAction is the only sports club for our little guy. His new skills have boosted his confidence so much - he's like a new kid. We couldn't be happier!”

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Florida MiniSprint Action

Even though there was no FMSA race some still went racing!

From The Driver's seat with John Moss

The Moss Motorsports, Moss Racing, Crowder Racing Mini Sprints teamed up and went north for some USCS Racing this past weekend and there was a great time had by all. In practice we thought we were going to be chasing gearing issues throughout the night. The #95 Paige Moss Racing Machine and the ‪#‎44m‬ Hyper Racing Mini Sprint were extremely close on gearing. #30 Johnny Crowder ended up getting pushed off to the pits due to the engine siezing up ending his racing for the weekend. That would be a blessing in diguise for Paige and myself though, because Johnny ended up on the fence able to make some great calls on our cars and keep them dialed in.
Heat 1: Saw the #95 Paige Moss draw position 6 on the seven car field. Paige would not progress much in the race due to some handleing issues, but she did have a great battle for the 5th spot for most of the race switching positions numerous times ending up 6th as the #07 Brandon Taylor went on to win from the 3rd starting position.
Heat 2: The #44m Atlantic Powder Coating/Hyper Racing Mini Sprint drew the 6 spot, but with the #30 Crowder dropping out it would move me to position 5. At the drop of the green the #44 was able to get by the ‪#‎3T‬ on the start. On lap 2, I was able to make the pass on the #0. Now I had the #98 Bob Trapino and the ‪#‎5m‬ Mike Magic trying to set sail on me with 4 to go. I was able to make up a lot of ground on the bottom and coming to the checkered missed the second position by a front bumper. The #5m Magic would take the win. Thankfully passing points were in effect and that put me 3rd in passing points. With a 6 being drawn for the invert I would stay were I was.
Feature Time: The green would fly and the action was hot and heavy. The top 5 cars were slicing and dicing switching positions in every corner. On lap 3 the #44m was battling for the top position and I would overdrive the car and do a little spin bringing out the cation sending me to the back of the 12 car field. The #95 P. Moss had worked past a couple of cars moving up to the 9th position. Green would fly again and I knew I had to be patient. We had a long green flag run and I was able to work traffic methodically and get to the 6th position when the yellow would come out again on lap 17 for the #29 Kyle Amerson with a blown engine. On the restart I was able to get by the ‪#‎2x‬ Romeno Loyal down in turn 1 moving up to 5th as the #95 P. Moss was in tow coming through with me to take the 6 position. I was able to pick another car off on the last and final lap to get to 4th as the #95 P. Moss would settle for 6th. Putting us both in the "Dash for Cash" for Night 2 at Dixie County Speedway. The #07 Brandon Taylor Racing Machine would take the checkerd, with the #5m Magic and the #98 Trapino claiming third and forth. "It was an extemely fun track to run and I was happy to take home my first top 5 of the season in only my third start this year. I can not say enough good things about Mr. John Crowder and Eddie Moss Jr. Those 2 guys helped me get my car dialed in and it was extremely fast.

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From The Driver's Seat With John Moss
The #95 Paige Moss Racing Mini Sprint and the ‪#‎44m‬ Moss Motorsports(Jackie Moss)/Atlantic Powder Coating(Harold Matthews) Mini Sprint made the trip to Dixie County Speedway for Night Two of our racing this past weekend. Mr. Johnny Crowder would be doing the wrenching with Eddie Moss Jr. just a phone call away.
Practice & "Dash For Cash": In practice both cars were way off on gearing and due to the fact that we both finished in the top 6 the night before we would be running the "Dash For Cash". The way the line-up was we did not have enough time to change the gears before the dash. Paige would draw the second position and I would be starting right behind her in position four, for the "Dash". We both knew we were off on gearing but we decided to go out and get the extra seat time on the track and use it as a second practice session. The #95 Paige Moss ended up braking the bracket on her top wing and folding it over causing handleing issues along with gearing issues finishing 4th. The #44m Hyper Racing Machine was terrible on speed and we ended up 5th out of 6.
Rain Delay: We had plenty of time to get the wing fixed on the #95 and dial both cars in on gearing and handleing. Johnny was watching the track and made the right adjustments to both our cars to keep us up front in the Heat. The track decided to combine both Heat Races together due to time restraints and Paige and myself would be starting first and third.
Heat Race: #95 P. Moss got a great start from the Pole Position and I was in tow following right behind. We would both push up the track in turn 2 as the ‪#‎5m‬ Mike Magic and the #07 Brandon Taylor would take the lead and second position. Lap two the #95 was strong with the #44m hot on her heals. Coming off of 4 the ‪#‎88A‬ Shawn Nelson went to the bottom and the #44m and #88A made slight contact. The #44m was able to keep the momentum as the #88A fell back. This is how we would finish with #5m Magic taking the checkered, 2nd would go to #07 Taylor, 3rd to #95 P.Moss, 4th to #44m J. Moss, 5th to #98 Bob Tapino.
Feature Race: The pill draw would be in the #44m and the #95's favor as we would start in the 2nd and 4th positions. I was able to get a good clean start next to the #98 Bob Trapino and we would make the first circuit running one and two. The #07 Taylor who started 6th would dive under the #44m coming off of turn two forcing me to take a different line down in turns 3 and 4. That different line did not adjust well with the car and got extremely lose, losing the third and forth positions to the ‪#‎2x‬ Remeno Loyal and the #5m Magic. We would go green to checkered and the #44m would settle in and finish 5th for my second top 5 of the weekend. The #95 ended up folding the wing over once again and had handleing issues the whole race finishing up in 7th. While the #07 Brandon Taylor RacingMaching took home the top honors, the #2x Loyal came home 2nd, followed by the #5m Magic in 3rd, and the #98 Trapino in forth

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