Florida MiniSprint Action

2015 F.M.S.A. Official Rule Book

The Florida Mini Sprint Action (FMSA) has prepared the following specifications for the officials and members as guidelines for the construction of a Mini/Micro Sprint Race car. These rules are intended as a guide and are in no way guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, or others. The various track officials or the Mini/Micro Sprint President, developments in auto racing and technology may necessitate changes in these specifications. However, it is our intent to enforce and police these rules throughout the 2015 season. If a change is necessitated, technical bulletins will be prepared and distributed in advance.

All drivers must be at least 11 years of age during the racing season of competition with previous racing experience. Proof of age is required. Drivers under 18 years of age must have notarized parental consent form signed by their parent or legal guardian. Said document must be turned over to the track officials and FMSA officials prior to any participation. Any Driver 16 years of age or older must have a current Driver's License to be able to compete in competition. Each car owner and/or driver is considered an independent contractor and as such is responsible for all charges, premiums and taxes, if any, payable on any fund received from any Speedway or FMSA.
This division being developed for the fun of racing in a low cost fashion. This requires limits in various areas to be enforced to keep competition equal and fair to all those involved. With the help and consideration of the participants, this can be accomplished.

The Mini/Micro Sprint car will consist of four wheels, open cockpit, open wheel, single seat, and full suspension with Midget or Sprint car style hood and tail. The engine shall be located in the front of the vehicle.

The chassis must be at least a six-point roll cage and must be a minimum diameter of one (1) inch, with a minimum tubing thickness of .o95" for mild steel (ERW or  DOM). The tubing minimum thickness for chrome-moly, for one (1) inch shall be .083". For cars made from larger tubing, the tubing thickness may drop one (1) gauge for each diameter greater than one (1) inch. Vehicles must have elbow bars between front and rear uprights. Bumpers and nerf bars may have a minimum diameter of 3/4" inch and maximum diameter of 1" and must not extend beyond the outside edge of the vehicles tires. The use of conduit is prohibited. The space between the top tubes of the roll cage and the seated drive's helmet must beat least 3". The rear push bar the extends horizontally down the back must be bent to reconnect with the car, or sawed off and sanded until smooth.

In-Cockpit Adjustments
The drivers are allowed in-cockpit adjustments to be connected during F.M.S.A. Racing Events. All other adjustments must be verified by officials. If in doubt ask an FMSA Official before event. The Mini-Sprint wing span can be a maximum of 14 sq. ft. No wooden construction is permitted. No nerf wing. Sheeting is not allowed.

Front suspension may be coil-over or torsion bars; rear suspension may also be coil-over or torsion bars.

Diameter maximum -10" rims only permitted. A bead lock right rear is mandatory equipment. A maximum of 14" wheel width (15 inches as measured from outside to outside of wheel) is allowed.

Right rear tire must be a 50-durometer reading or harder in a 10" diameter tire before and 15 minutes after the event. All other tires can be any compounds. No tire treating of any type is allowed. No bleeder valves allowed. Any brand of tires can be used.

Drives must be chain driven only. No quick-change box, or belt drives will be allowed.

Wheelbase must be a minimum of 58" with a maximum of 72". Maximum width of rear axle is 54".

Minimum weight with the driver shall be:
600cc-750 lbs.
636cc-775 lbs.
750cc-800 lbs.
Weights may be added to make minimum weight limit and must be solid material. The weights MUST be securely fastened. A 2-point securing system is mandatory to prevent weight loss.
Car number must be permanently engraved on all weights and bright color painted.

Any four-stroke motorcycle engine sold in the USA or Canada meeting EPA certification and OEM stock, up to and including 750cc will be allowed. The engine must be in production for one full year or in the second year of production UP TO 2012. Engine must be stock bore and stroke for that specific model engine. Example: 600cc Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, 636cc Kawasaki RR, 750cc Suzuki. All Factory stamping of motors must be present and not removed or altered to prevent the use of illegally obtained motors. If altered must have receipt where motor was purchased by next race. Muffler is mandatory and must be securely fastened. Exhaust system may not enter the driver's compartment. Side cover and clutch cover may be after market in the interest of engine protection. All engine firewall must be a min. 1/16" thickness aluminum or steel. Center mounted engine firewall must be located from top of back engine case to bottom frame rail. Side-mounted engine firewall must be located from the top of the engine-case to bottom frame rail, and 10" in front of the right side of engine.

Engine Modification
The only engine modification permitted is the modification of the oil pan, and degree of cams. Slotted cam gears, after market clutch parts, fuel injectors, fuel rail and any ignitions modifications are allowed. NO OTHER MODIFICATION IS PERMITTED. THERE WILL BE NO PORTING;POLISHING OF THE INTAKE OR EXHAUST RUNNERS, NO REMOVING OF ANY METAL FROM THE ENGINE. No bore or stroke modifications allowed. Engine must be stock bore and stroke for that specific model engine. THERE WILL BE NO POLISHING OF THE COMBUSTION CHAMBER. NO EXTERNAL MAGS ALLOWED No removing or metal from crankshaft and/or connecting rods. No cams other than OEM stock specifications allowed for the year engine. Part #'s must match. No regrinding of cams.

Maximum of 41mm re-jetting is permitted. After market flat-side carburetors are allowed. No turbo chargers or superchargers, traction control allowed. Electronic fuel injection is allowed. After market fuel injectors and furl rails are allowed with alcohol. Must have high-pressure fuel injection gas lines. No after market throttle bodies or mechanical fuel injection are allowed (FORBIDDEN). Throttle bodies must be OEM.

Fuel and Oil
Any racing gas/pump gas, alcohol/methanol are allowed. Car must have approved racing fuel cell, with or without bladder.

Must be stock OEM. All gears must be all in place and functioning, subject to inspection.

Starter must operate. Car must be capable of leaving the pits.

No radios are allowed except for race receivers.

Car Numbers 
Numbers must be verified by FMSA. Minimum size for wing number is 10". 12" to 15" is recommended for easier scoring. Car numbers must be on both sides of tail tank and wing.

Yellow Flag
2 yellow flag rule and DNF.
Any car that needs work under yellow must go to the pits for repairs. After repairs are completed and if track officials allow it, the car may return to the track and start in the rear of the field. Cars involved in an accident or STOP DURING yellow flag must start in the rear of the field, except to notify officials of a safety situation.

Red Flag
Stop at once. DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR UNLESS YOU ARE IMMEDIATE DANGER. Wait for track personal to assist you. NO crew members are allowed on track. Exception is that a crew member may deliver tear-offs to the driver is track officials allow. Crew members MUST NOT touch the car while still on the track. Any car that needs work under red must go to the pits for repairs. After repairs are completed and if track officials allow it, the car may return to the track and start in the rear of the field. ANY VIOLATIONS OF RED OR YELLOW FLAG RULES WILL RESULT IN A COMPLETE DISQUALIFICATION.

Engine Protest Procedure & Rules

1. Any car that is registered for competition during the race event shall be eligible for an engine protest by the club.
2. The party making the protest must be registered car owner (or owners) and must have a car in competition during the same race event with the car against which the protest is being made.
3. The protest is a fee of $250.00. This is $200.00 for the car and $50.00 tech fee (cash only - no checks). Protest fee must be presented no later than 15 minutes after feature with race director.
4. The party filing a protest will be given a receipt. If the protest is found to be illegal, the party making the protest will be refunded the $200.00. The protest car will lose its finishing position, points, and money. The remainder of the field will advance up one finishing position. The identification number will be recorded and illegal part(s) will be marked/stamped "illegal". Any engine or part so marked will not be allowed to compete at future events until declared legal at a fee of $50.00 to be paid to the tech.
5. Notification in writing to race officials of protested engine will take place at the completion of the feature event in which the said engine competes. The checking-out of protest 
engine must start within one hour of notification of protest.
6. In the event the driver/owner at whom the protest is directed refuse to comply with an engine tear down, they shall be declared illegal by default and shall forfeit all prize money 
and points earned during the race event. On the decision of the officers, the driver/owners may be suspended for a period of time voted on. Engine identification numbers will be 
recorded and the illegal portion will be marked/stamped “ill”, if possible. Any illegal portion will not be allowed to compete at future events until declared legal by a FMSA 
technician at a fee of $50.00.
7. If the car/engine is found to be legal, the protest money of $200.00 will be turned over to the driver/owner as compensation for his/her inconvenience.
8. FMSA Officers will have the final say in determining the validity of protest and rules infraction.
9. These rules and procedures apply to FMSA sanctioned and sponsored events.
10. If you have any questions concerning what Constitutes a violation, consult with the FMSA Officers.

1. After each feature race a pre-notified number of cars and drivers must go directly to the weigh in and tech area. No crew members may approach or touch the cars until tech is 
complete. Tech would include, but not limited to: Engine, tires, weight, wing size, and durometer and safety features. Failure to comply will result in loss of points and monies for 
that race.
2. Protests of any kind, including but not limited to, weight, tech (any type) and finish position will be handled as follows: All drivers who have signed in for that nights racing will have their name placed in a box.
Three (3) names will be drawn. These three drivers and officers of the FMSA not involved in the protest will go to a secluded area (any WILL NOT be interrupted by any other driver or individual) to discuss, this decision will be final, binding. No Officer or member of the FMSA may alter or change this decision.
3. Violation of standards outlined in paragraph 1 would result in loss of points and money won during that race, and up to a two-race penalty to be determined
by an FMSA Officials.

For the purpose of safety of the drivers, safety rules must be enforced.
1. All seat belts in the cars must be changed at least every three years. Buckles must be checked during safety inspection of your vehicle at home prior to each race for ease of operation and must be functional. Damaged or non-functioning belts and buckles must be replaced immediately. Date of installation of belts must be noted on each belt in permanent marker and must be visible for inspection.
2. Rear Belt support bar must be at shoulder height.
3. Drivers must wear industry standard racing suits that are designed to protect drivers from fire and hazard.
4. Drivers must wear arm restraints and fire retardant racing gloves and approved racing shoes.
5. Drivers must wear a Head & Neck Restraints this is mandatory.
6. Right side “Sprint Car” window net or right side head support on seat is Mandatory.
7. All cars must drive slowly in the pits.
8. Helmets must be minimum of SNELL 90 or above and full face with visor. Driver-FULL COVERAGE, fire retardant suit required. 3” 5-point belt system, arm restraints, cervical collar and NOMEX gloves required.  Chain guard mandatory, Engine shield mandatory.
9. All Drivers will need to have Race Receivers by the time they race their first (1st.) scheduled race. Every Driver is responsible for his or her receiver to be in working condition.if you do not have a reciever you can rent or buy one from the fmsa this is manadatory.
10. For each night of a violation, the driver
will lose five points from their points standings and will be fined $5.00.
11. Head and Neck restraint or fuel bladder is mandatory this year, 2015
12. A rock guard is highly recommended.                              

Fire retardant hood, socks and underwear are recommended.

1. All racecars must sign-in before practice at the FMSA designated area and pay a race fee of $20.00 to be collected at that time. This is over and above the pit entrance fee. All those not signed in prior to practice will be placed in the rear for the Heats.
2. Any car found illegal for any reason (weight, engine, fuel, etc.) will not be eligible for points and money at that event.
3. An official point’s race will be noted before the race begins.
4. Any Driver, Owner, Pit Crew who causes a problem in the pits, uses abusive languages to any Officer or Track Official will be put on notice and reviewed by the board for a possible suspension or fine.
5. Any driver, crew member or immediate family may NOT use NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS during racing. Alcohol may be consumed only after ALL RACING at the track has been completed. Infractions will result in loss of points and money.
6. All cars are subject to inspection by FMSA Officer(s) at any time.
7. Approval of the car by FMSA Official(s) shall mean only that the vehicle is approved for participation in the event, and shall not be construed in any way to mean that the car inspected is guaranteed to be mechanically sound. Be it further declared that any FMSA Official(s) who inspect the car shall not be liable nor shall any speedway for any 
mechanical failure or any loses or injuries resulting from same.
8. After 2 mishaps (i.e.: tire, chain falling off) by one car/driver. That driver will be spoken with. All drivers are obligated to notify FMSA Officers if they are aware of an existing problem.
9. Any car causing 2 cautions must be black-flagged and must exit the track.except if overruled by track ie (nf luckey dog )
10. Start of race is according to Feature Line-Up giving before the Feature Event. the first start will be double-file nose to tail till the green flag waves.
 restarts will be deleware style leader out front in front of field by him self. No passing the Car in front until the leader fires. This means your front bumper must be behind the rear bumper of the car in front of you  If you pass the car in front of you on the restart before the leader fires you will be penalized, you will be the last car on the lead lap at the end of the race. Anyone passig before the leader fires will be penalized to the rear of the field unless it is a result of a car failure in front of you. If the race stays green with no caution you will be the last car on the lead lap at the end of the race Start of race is according to Line-Up. 
11. Any Driver changing Cars after a Heat Race Event must start in the Rear of the Feature Event and forfeit his or her starting position.after the first green flag you can not change cars even if caution comes out on first lap .
12 . NO FMSA driver is permitted extra practice on the track; even if the driver has track permission!

Drawing of a pill / Bingo Ball will be done for all heat race-starting positions during sign in.
All races: Heats by draw; Feature Event will be determined by a pill draw the winner of the first heat. This driver will draw a pill and half the field could be involved in the invert. (ex. If there are 16 cars registered, this will make 8 rows; 4 pill will be put in the invert.) New drivers will start at the back for three races then reviewed by FMSA official if found to be safe and in control as to not be a hazard to them self or anyone else they will be allowed to start in there earned position.

Points will be awarded as follows:
Heat Races:
1st - 10 pts. 2nd – 4 pts. 3rd. – 3 pts.
4th – 2 pts. 5th on back 1 pt. 
Feature Races:
1st – 85 pts. 2nd – 80 pts. 3rd – 77 pts.
4th – 74 pts. 5th – 71 pts. 6th – 68 pts.
7th – 65 pts. 8th – 62 pts. 9th – 59 pts.
10th – 56 pts. 11th – 53 pts. 12th – 50 pts. 13th – 47 pts. 14th – 44 pts. 15th – 41 pts.
16th – 38 pts. 17th – 35 pts. 18th – 32 pts. 19th – 29 pts. 20th – 26 pts. 21st 23 pts.
22nd – 20 pts. 23rd – 17 pts. 24th - 14 pts. 25th. on back 11 pts.

All Drivers, Owners who sign in with $20 race fee will receive 10 show up points.
All point's races will count towards the Driver Name Only. There will not be a separate Car owner and Drivers Points Results.
Transponders will be used this year. F.M.S.A. will loan you one at the track if the transponder is lost or broken while in your possession you are responsible for replacement cost of $165.
You will be given the same transponder every race it will be logged in with your name and number attached to it. The Transponder will be mounted by an F.M.S.A. Official.
In case of rain while we are at track out  all drivers that show up at track will receive 15th place points plus 10 show up points for that event after paying there $ 20 signup fee.

IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING track drivers meeting (at sign-in area) WITH in FIVE (5) MINUTES 
Subjective to change according to Event Scheduling.
It is imperative that every driver, not his or her representatives, attend the driver’s meeting. During these meetings important information is exchanged. Drivers who do not attend this brief meeting will be required to start in the rear for both heats and features that night.


Any driver with a rough driving behavior causing an accident on, or off the track and not just racing incident which will be determined by F.M.S.A. Officials and or drivers. First time incident driver will be warned and made aware of his or her driving action. The 2nd. Incident will result in loss of points and monies for that event. The 3rd. Incident will results in 1 race suspension and fine of $250.00 or more. The 4th. Incident there won’t be one. You will be gone for the whole season starting on that day. The suspension will be lifted when all fines are paid in full. All monies from fines will be given to driver, or drivers of disabled racecar.

$100.00 per race year administrative, January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015. All membership payments must be made on or before Driver’s first Race in the amount of $100.00. 
Any member who owes a fine or membership shall have money deducted from their from each race event until that amount has been collected. Additionally no points to a driver will be awarded until membership is paid in FULL.
All rules are subject to change.

Each driver is responsible for obtaining current, updated, copies of the rules.